Bacterial glycoprotein antigens for vaccine development

GlyProVac ApS is pursuing the development of glycoprotein based vaccines.

Antibiotics resistance (AMR) is one of the biggest health challenges of the 21st century, compromising our ability to treat even simple infections. In 2050, 10 million people are expected to die yearly from untreatable microbial infections. New solutions are urgently needed, and vaccines offer a safe alternative to antibiotics.

In GlyProVac ApS we aim to design novel, efficient bacterial vaccine candidates based on our proprietary platform technology BEMAP. Using BEMAP, we have revealed that both non-pathogenic as well as pathogenic bacteria such as ETEC, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Shigella, extensively modifies its proteome with O-linked glycosylations. The modifications drastically influence the topology of the protein and are particularly well recognized by the human immune response.

Based on our paradigm changing discovery we believe inclusion of these modifications are crucial for the development of efficient bacterial vaccines. We are currently establishing PoC for this novel bacterial vaccine concept in the E. coli family (for diarrhoea and urinary tract infection).

Read more about BEMAP and our efforts on our TECHNOLOGY page.


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